04.14.17 Good Friday
Delivered By
Pastor Richard T. Carlson
Delivered On
April 14, 2017 at 7:00 PM
"The Living Last Words"
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The First Word
“Father, Forgive Them”
Luke 23:33-34

The Second Word
“You Will be With Me”                                                                                                    
Luke 23:39-43

The Third Word
“Behold Your Son”                                                                                                         
John 19:26-27

The Fourth Word
“Why Have You Forsaken Me?                                                                                                       
Mark 15:33-34

The Fifth Word
“I Thirst”                                                                                                                 
John 19:28

The Sixth Word
"Into Your Hands"                                                                                                         
Luke 23:45-46

The Seventh Word
“It Is Finished”                                                                                                     
John 19:29-30