If you would like more information on baptism for an infant or a believing adult, you may call the Church Office at 847.741.0038.

Membership or regular attendance at our church is not required, and there is no cost for baptism. Please keep in mind that a meeting with the pastor is necessary before baptism takes place.

If you would like to begin the process of scheduling a baptism, please complete the online form. We look forward to welcoming you into the family of faith!

Please note: Children of parents who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender are welcome to be blessed as infants and baptized at First UMC Elgin.

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What Do Methodists Believe About Baptism of Children and Adults?

The United Methodist Church's official doctrine regarding baptism is this: Baptism represents believers' repentance and forgiveness of sins. It also signifies a new birth and the beginning of a person's Christian discipleship.

Baptism Symbolizes God's Intentions for Young Children

Because young children are considered to be heirs of God's kingdom and believed to be under the atonement of Jesus Christ, they are deemed acceptable subjects for baptism. In other words, baptism is symbolic of God's intentions for them.

Infant baptism is a sacrament and a gift of God's grace. This, combined with teaching God's word, can help guide the child as they grow to accept the covenant and receive salvation through their profession of faith.

Can Adults Be Baptized in the Methodist Church?

Methodists believe that regardless of a person's age, to follow Christ, they must be baptized. When an adult has decided to profess their faith in Christ publicly, they are also ready to be baptized and should not further delay receiving the gift of God. This is called a believer's baptism and is considered an ordinance rather than a sacrament.

The Methodist Church also accepts baptisms of other Christian denominations. If an adult joins from another church and has been baptized previously, there is no need to be baptized again.

   Through baptism, we are born anew by the gift of God and placed within this family called church. As with most families, we inherit a narrative; in this case, God's mighty acts are narrated in scripture. The report we inherit is not only one of the past but one into which we are now invited, and the Spirit empowers us to embody it in our own lives, here and now. Through baptism, we become part of that unfolding narrative of God's grace.

   The United Methodist Church practices infant baptism. Baptism places the child and parents, as well as the congregation, in a covenant relationship with God. Therefore, a child’s parents are expected to profess their faith in God and promise to raise their child in the knowledge and love of God until that time when the child can profess his/her faith before the church. This assumes that the parents will be active in the church so that they can fulfill these vows to the best of their ability. The congregation also affirms its commitment to the family to help provide a community where the child and parents are nurtured in the Christian faith.

   Adult baptism is for adults who have never been baptized as infants and would like to become members of First UMC Elgin.