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Nancy Martin

Submitted by: Jim & Janet Krambeer
Please pray for Nancy Martin, sister of Carol Gieske & Jim Krambeer, as she undergoes surgery today (02.02.23). Please pray that the surgery goes well and removes all traces of cancer and that Nancy's recovery is quick and easy.02-02-2023


Submitted by: Carol Phillips
Please continue to pray for Carol & Jen's friend, Kris, who is healing well after surgery and was able to go home on Wednesday. Please pray for continued healing.02-02-2023

Helen Scheflow

Submitted by: Doug Scheflow
Helen Scheflow and her famly want the church family to know that she is starting hospice care. Please pray for her and her family. Helen suffered a stroke last Tuesday and will return home Monday in hospice care. She has been well cared for at St Joseph Hospital. At this time all she and her family need are your prayers for comfort.01-30-2023

Pat Jeske

Submitted by: Justin Potts
Please keep Pat Jeske in your prayers as she was admitted to the hospital on 01.19.23 with breathing problems. She is currently resting comfortably and the family is awaiting further test results.01-20-2023

Jim Fouts

Submitted by: Cheryl Hayes
Please say prayers of healing for Jim Fouts as he deals with a bout of Covid.01-17-2023


Submitted by: Carol Phillips
Please pray for Kris, dear friend of Carol Phillips, who recovers from a fall that broke her nose, dislocated her shoulder, and fractured her knee cap.01-17-2023

Carolyn Jarvis

Submitted by: Sue Schlei
Please pray for Carolyn Jarvis as she continues to recover at Sherman Hospital following surgery.01-17-2023

Jean Wolff

Submitted by: Cheryl Johnson
Please pray for Jean Wolff who is currently at Sherman undergoing testing for a recent injury.01-09-2023

Adrian LaBoy

Submitted by: First UMC Elgin
Please add Pastor Felicia's husband, Adrian to your prayers. Adrian will have out patient surgery on January 11. Please pray for strength and healing for Adrian and clarity for his doctors.01-05-2023

Bonnie Thompson

Submitted by: Cheryl Johnston
Please pray for Bonnie Thompson, her sisters, and her brother-in-law who have been facing serious health issues. Please pray for their recovery.01-03-2023

Carolyn Jarvis

Submitted by: Kathy Long
Please keep Carolyn Jarvis in your prayers as she awaits a new date for surgery.12-05-2022

Sue Schlei

Submitted by: Kathy Long
Please pray for Sue Schlei as she undergoes heart surgery at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago on Wednesday, December 7.12-05-2022

Vic & Pat Jeske

Submitted by: Justin Potts
Please continue to pray for Vic and Pat Jeske as Pat faces multiple health problems at home and Vic acts as her primary caregiver. Please pray for strength, patience, and rest for both.11-28-2022



MLK Breakfast

Submitted by: Sue Broxham
Giving thanks for Pastor Felicia saying "yes" to give the keynote speech at the Dr. King breakfast @ ECC.01-17-2023

Joy: Gratitude

Submitted by: Sue Broxham
Please share in Sue's gratitude for our church's connection to our community in multiple ways as we celebrate Advent.12-05-2022

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