Click on the photo to watch a video featuring Co-Chairs, Jennifer Haley and Carol Phillips, for more information on the First UMC Elgin Governance Board.

Churches across the country are exploring new ways to organize their leadership so that the congregation’s members can be unleashed for ministry. Many churches are discovering that a simplified, accountable leadership structure changes their focus from meetings to ministry.

A simplified single board structure makes it possible for your church to better focus on leadership equipping, missional alignment, and your next steps in ministry. Meanwhile, removing bureaucratic redundancies allows more members to spend their time in service as disciples who make disciples. By consolidating administrative functions into a single board, disciples can focus on using their spiritual gifts and passions for ministry to contribute to the vitality of the congregation as it seeks to reach the mission field. This method of simplifying your church’s administrative leadership and governance is allowed by ¶247.2 of the 2016 Discipline of the United Methodist Church.